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Gabriola Cycle & Kayak was created by Peter Marcus with help of many good friends back in 1988. Peter believed that touring provided many opportunities to explore wild country and enjoy the great outdoors in the company of other healthy and adventurous recreationalists; he believed in what he loved, and many “Peter’s trips” just happened.

Soon after GCK was born, Peter and some brave cyclists ventured into cycling more than 1000 km in Baja, Mexico,  it was then that Ana joined Peter in his voyage through life. 

From its early days of mountain bike rides in logging roads in the Gulf Islands, or hosting cycling and kayak festivals (usually with live Bluegrass music) or having at one point more than 70 kayakers paddling through Canada’s West Coast and Baja, Mexico, or cycling in Canada, Oregon, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Mexico, Spain & France, Gabriola Cycle and Kayak has kept active and every year there has been a new place to explore in a fun inexpensive way for all to enjoy.

In 2008, our much loved Peter Marcus died after a brief illness.  GCK decided to “hang up” paddles then but stick to cycling.

Peter’s kayaking legacy will always shine through the new companies that will keep his spirit alive; many thanks to Baja Kayak Adventures, Gabriola Sea Kayaking, Jim's Kayaking and Green Coast Kayaking for making it possible.   We are very thankful for all the wonderful experiences and beautiful friendships kayaking brought to our lives.
And in the cycling field, well… Ana still believes in what they both loved. Therefore GCK  will keep on discovering, exploring, learning, experiencing the outdoors and its elements wind,  sun, rain, …we’ll feel the world while we ride our noble bicycles.

Thank you,

Gabriola Cycle & Kayak

"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I know there is hope for civilization"
~H.G. Wells, historian and futurist.

About Us


Spain 2012

France 2009, Courtesy D. Hinchcliffe

Quebec 2011.

Mexico, Jan 2010